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From BMCC to Boston U: A Political Science Journey

By Eleni Spiru, Liberal Arts ’18

“Queensborough Community College was ten minutes away from my house, but I chose BMCC because I wanted to start over fresh.”

Eleni’s new start as a #bmccpanther enabled her to double major in Political Science and Classical Civilizations at Boston University.

“Ever since I read some political science books for a high school class, I’ve been really interested by how governments work. The roots of political theory are in the ancient world – the Greeks and Romans. They’re the people who came up with the first democratic political systems. To better understand modern political theory I thought it was best that I start at the beginning.

“While BMCC didn’t have a specific political science major, I was able to take classes in political theory as a Liberal Arts major. The best part of these lessons was the discussion. Students felt really comfortable sharing their viewpoints, and although there were disagreements, everyone was always respectful.

“Boston is definitely a challenging school. Fortunately, my BMCC experience taught me how to manage my time. I commuted to school, worked as a peer mentor on campus, and attended classes. I had to make sure I used all my time well to get my studying done. That skill has been key to being successful at a four-year school.

“If money wasn’t an issue, I’d stay in school forever! So maybe when I start my career I’d like to get involved in higher education.

“My advice to other students is don’t be afraid to apply to expensive or prestigious schools. Going to community college shows discipline and hard work. It gave me a chance to improve my grades, and it made admissions committees take me seriously. It is more possible to get in than you think.”

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