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What makes my transcript “official?”

Colleges sure do require a lot of paperwork to get you into the classroom, don’t they?! Trust us, it’s all for a good reason: to be sure you are ready and able to take on the challenging coursework that awaits you in the classroom.

When you apply to BMCC, we have to verify that you’ve graduated high school and that you have met our 2.0 GPA requirement if you are transferring from another college. We check these conditions using official documents from the schools you attended.

What are official transcripts?

When we say “official” we mean factual records of your academic performance that we can be certain you have not altered. Official documents are most often the original, paper versions of certificates or transcripts issued by your school, but digital documents may also be considered official if the right conditions are met.

Your document is official if:



  • It is an original document generated by your school

  • BMCC was the intended recipient

  • The envelope is UNOPENED

  • It is an original document generated by your school

  • It was emailed to us by a school official from a school email account

For example: Your original high school diploma certificate is an official document. A photocopy of that diploma is not.

Documents we accept.

1. Proof of High School Completion

What to submit: One of the following documents can be used to prove you completed high school:

  • A high school transcript issued by your school
  • High school equivalency exam (GED, TASC) scores

How to get it: Contact your high school’s records office or guidance counselor and request an official transcript. For GED/TASC students, contact your testing agency or follow these instructions from the New York State Education Department.

Where to submit it: A physical document printed by your school and sealed in an envelope is considered official. This sealed transcript can then be mailed by the school or hand delivered by you.

Equivalency exam scores are often mailed to you. You may forward the unopened transcript when it arrives in the mail, or bring the unopened envelope to BMCC.

Mailing address:

For Freshman Applications:For Transfer Applications:
P.O. Box 350136
Brooklyn, NY 11235-0001
P.O. Box 359023
Brooklyn, NY 11235-9023

Email digital transcripts to:


A digital version of your transcript is considered official if it is created and emailed by a school official to the University Application Processing Center or BMCC.


2. Proof of Previous College Attendance

What to submit: If you have earned credit for courses at any other college or university, we want to see a college transcript to verify your GPA — and get you BMCC credit for classes you’ve already taken!

A college transcript is considered official if it is generated and sent by the school, or you deliver it in a sealed envelope given to you by the school.

How to get it: Most colleges offer an online service where you can request (and pay for) a transcript to be mailed or emailed by them to an address you provide. If you have questions, contact your school’s Registrar office.

Where to submit it:

  • Paper version: The best option is to ask your school to mail a physical version of your transcript. But, if you choose to receive the physical version from your school, it must be in an SEALED envelope — DON’T OPEN IT! If you open your records, they will be considered unofficial, and we cannot accept them.
  • Electronic version: Email transcripts to either BMCC or CUNY.

If you were educated outside the United States, read this!

If you submit transcripts from a high school or college in another country, these documents must be translated into English and evaluated for equivalency with U.S. education standards. Read our Guide to Non-U.S. Transcripts to learn how >>>

That’s it! 

We just need one or two documents from you to complete your application and make an admissions decision.
If you get stuck, that’s okay! There are several ways you can contact us to get one-on-one assistance.

Frequently asked questions about transcripts

How do I know if CUNY/BMCC got my documents?

After submitting your application, you can use your Panther VIP page or CUNYfirst to check on the status of your application — including transcripts.

I’m not comfortable mailing my documents. Can I submit them another way?

Of course! You may always bring official transcripts to Admissions representatives at the Panther Station on our main campus for processing. We will scan your transcripts and give them back to you.
Remember, to be official, your transcript must be in a sealed envelope. Our staff must be the first ones to open and view it. So don’t even open it in line while you wait! It’s a huge bummer if you have to come back again.

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