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The Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) is alive with ideas and innovation and supportive of the each person’s desire for self-improvement and learning. We offer opportunity to those students who desire it and are ready to strive for it.

BMCC reflects the best of downtown Manhattan: the culture of Tribeca, the vibrancy of Wall Street, and the promise of the Statue of Liberty.

We are proud to be a highly diverse campus. Our students join us from all five boroughs, the surrounding metro area, and from all over the world! As an international college, BMCC has students from over 155 countries, who speak a more than 100 languages.

We are one of the most unique community colleges in the country!



Applying to colleges and making decisions about school can be both exciting and overwhelming. The #FuturePanther Blog will help you explore all that BMCC has to offer and guide you through our application and enrollment process. We hope you will choose to come learn with us!

This blog is edited and maintained by The BMCC Office of Admissions’ Social Media Coordinator.



We are committed to giving you the best information to help you make choices and take action. While we make every effort to keep advice and instructions on this website up-to-date, there may sometimes be differences between information provided on this blog and official BMCC web pages.

When making important decisions, always refer to BMCC’s main website to make sure you have the most accurate information.


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