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First Stop, BMCC: Next Stop, Paris!

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Rosa is a world explorer and book lover. From BMCC to Hunter College, she’s learning to lead confidently and communicate in multiple languages.

“I came to New York City from the Dominican Republic with my mother in 2015. Back home, I studied French and English as a foreign languages. Since I would speak English every day, I chose to continue with French as my major.

“At BMCC, I had everything I wanted. Many professors offered advice for practicing my English and gave me extra help with assignments. Professor Sophie Marinez was a great support for me.

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Rosa (right) with Sophie Marinez (left), professor of Modern Languages

“After my first year, I studied abroad in Paris for two weeks with a BMCC professor and classmates. It was fantastic! We saw everything: the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace, and more! I met friends on that trip that I still have today.

At BMCC, I had everything I wanted.

“I transferred to Hunter College because it had best Languages department of all the schools I considered. It also has a really wonderful library. When I saw that library for the first time, I was like ‘Oh my god, I have to go here!’

“Hunter is a really busy campus! I have to stay really organized to make sure I’m getting things done on time. Something that really helped me during my transfer was a leadership retreat that I had attended back at BMCC. I relied on a lot of the skills I learned at that event to power me through the tough transition of finding everything I needed on my new campus.

“Next, I want to do a Master’s in international law. There are so many people who need legal assistance, but don’t speak the right language. I can combine my language skills with legal skills to help. Someday, I want to work for the United Nations.

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