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BMCC professors offer sneak-peeks into their online classrooms

“What the heck will college look like this fall?” Have you caught yourself thinking this more than once in the past few months? Days? Maybe even in the past few minutes?

Let these behind-the-scenes videos banish your new-school nerves. 

We called on five seasoned professors to offer examples of the online experiences you can expect this fall. Enjoy this sneak peak of online courses at BMCC!

The basics of online learning

In this video: Oksana Vorobel, Associate Professor of Academic Literacy and Linguistics

Spot the difference: Online course types

In this video: Katherine Conway, Professor of Business Management

Get some chemistry (lab) in the bedroom

In this video: Dr. Lalitha Jayant, Professor of Science

Sample lecture + assignment... in just 3 minutes

Play Video

In this video: Jason Ostrowe, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Not just "meeting up" but creating together:
Online group-work

In this video: Aimee Record, Lecturer in English

Getting organized for online learning

In this video: Aimee Record, Lecturer in English

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