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How to Print Your Destination: BMCC “Boarding Pass”

On October 17, 2019, we emailed you a Boarding Pass and some other helpful information about the event. The date on the emailed ticket was wrong. A replacement email with a new ticket was issued to all registered guests at 5:15pm on October 18.

All of us at Borough of Manhattan Community College are eager to welcome you to campus during Destination: BMCC! The first thing you will do when you arrive is Check In. And it is a breeze when you print your “boarding pass” ahead of time. If you have a printed pass, you may join the Priority Check In line, hand us your paper, and get to all the fun stuff faster!

How do I get a Boarding Pass?

We email you a boarding pass twice before the event: Once seven days before Destination: BMCC, and once the day before. Look in your email inbox for a message from Borough of Manhattan Community College. (It doesn’t hurt to check your spam filter either!)

How to print your Pass from a computer:

  1. View the email containing the boarding pass.
  2. Locate your email client’s “Print” button. Here’s some help for the most popular email providers:
  3. Using the print dialog box, change the Pages to Print from “All” to just page 1. (You can print all the pages if you want, but we only need the one with your name and email on it.)
  4. The cute ticket image we used in the email may not show up on your print preview. THAT IS OK! We just need to see your name and email clearly.
  5. Click PRINT.

NOTE: In print preview, the background ticket image may disappear. That’s OK! We just need your full name and email to check you in. Our sample image above does not include an event date, but your pass will!

What if I don’t own a printer?

If you cannot print at home, consider visiting a local library to print your boarding pass. If you absolutely cannot print (or you forget your pass on the day of the event), there will also be a regular Check In line. We highly encourage bringing a printed pass, though, because lines usually get long!

That’s it! We can’t wait to see you at Destination: BMCC.

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22 thoughts on “How to Print Your Destination: BMCC “Boarding Pass”

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    1. Olivia Harris Post author

      Hi Brandon, The email you have was sent with an incorrect date in the ticket image. We are working on a new email for you. Check at 5:15 pm on October 18 for a replacement. –Olivia

    1. Olivia Harris Post author

      Hi Geetangali. If the ticket image disappears when you hit Print, that is okay. As long as you have the email printed with your full name and email address, then you can check in through the Fast Lane.

      And, if you are not able to print your boarding pass, you can still check in through the traditional lane, it will just take a few seconds longer.

    1. Olivia Harris Post author

      Hello Milagros. Does the ticket image disappear when you hit Print? If so, that’s okay. As long as you have a sheet of paper with your name and email printed on it, we can check you in through the Fast Lane on Saturday.

    1. Olivia Harris Post author

      Hi Oumaima! We are sending another round of fast pass emails on Friday, October 25. Check you email then for your fast pass.

      Don’t worry! You can still participate in Destination: BMCC even without a ticket. You’ll just have to check in a different way.

  2. Lara Charriez

    Good afternoon Ms. Harris,

    I know by now it’s understood the wrong date was on the boarding pass. I unfortunately, have not received an updated email with the correct date of October 26, 2019. If you be so kind to please forward the updated information I would really appreciate.

      1. Lara Charriez

        Hi, the first email was received was on 10/18/2019 with the wrong date. However, i did sign up weeks ago. I will confirm my email with you. Thank you

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