Something for Everyone at Destination: BMCC


Check In

10-11a.m. |  All of us at Borough of Manhattan Community College are eager to welcome you to campus during Destination: BMCC! The first thing you will do when you arrive is Check In.

It is a breeze when you print your “boarding pass” ahead of time. We will email your boarding pass eight days before the event, and the night before, too. If you print your pass, you may join the Priority Check In line, hand us your paper, and get to all the fun stuff faster!

Not sure how to print your boarding pass? >>>

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"Panther Adventure" Campus Tour

10-11:30 a.m. | Go ahead, be a tourist! Join a tour group to see what it is like to be a student at one of the top community colleges in the country.

Popular tour attractions include: Financial Aid office, Center for Career Development, 3rd floor bridge (Instagram hotspot!), gym and pool, and Library.

Tours will begin the main lobby.

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"Meet the Crew:" Student Resources Fair

10a.m.-12p.m. | We don’t think anyone should have to go it alone in college. That’s why BMCC has dozens of opportunities to get involved and find services that can support you as you succeed. 

Come meet our “crew” at the Student Resources Fair, located just beyond the main lobby. Tutoring, low-cost childcare, career development, study abroad, and financial aid will all be there! And — back by popular demand — ASAP, BMCC Learning Academy, College Discovery, and more student success programs will be available to tell you how to earn a free Metrocard.

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"In-flight Entertainment"

10:30-11:30a.m. | Stop by Theater 2 off the main lobby to hear extraordinary performances by BMCC’s music majors. Jazz, classical, and Broadway show tunes will all be on the program.

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Admissions and Financial Aid Overview

12-12:30p.m. | Hear firsthand why BMCC is a great place to start your path to success. We’ll cover:

  • How and when to apply 
  • First steps to applying for financial aid to pay for college
  • BMCC’s academic strengths

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Faculty Meet & Greet

12:45-3p.m. | During most of the afternoon, you will attend mini-lessons in two academic majors you are curious about. What?! Just two?  What if I want to learn about more? Or, what if all the majors I’m interested in are offered in the same time slot? 

Never fear! For the Faculty Cafe is here! Stop by the BMCC Express office located at 255 Greenwich Street to meet professors whose presentation you missed. Grab a snack and learn more about what we do in the classroom.

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10 Secrets for Supporting Student Success

Tiered lecture hall full of students

12:45-2:30p.m. | While students branch off to explore majors, their adult supporters are invited to a special workshop. We will share with you the Top 10 ways you can be an advocate for your student and support them as they adjust to college life. 

This workshop will be presented in both Spanish and English.

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Academic Expeditions #1

BMCC boasts a state-of-the-art TV production studio. If film or television are interesting to you, choose the Media Arts & Technology Expedition!

12:45-1:30p.m. | What does it feel like to be in classes at BMCC? Go on an Academic Expedition to find out!

This is the “choose-your-own-adventure” part of Destination: BMCC. Pick a major you are curious about (or that you have your heart set on) and go spend time with a professor from that department. Get a feel if this is the right major for you during a hands-on sample lesson. You’ll be sitting in real classrooms, with real teachers to answer questions.

View a full list of all the majors you can sample >>>

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Academic Expedition #2

Computer Information Systems is one of our most popular departments. As part of a research project, students programmed this robot to respond to visual commands.

1:45-2:30p.m. | What does it feel like to be in classes at BMCC? Go on an Academic Expedition to find out! 

This is your second chance to customize your campus experience. Pick a second major you think you want to study in college. Get to know one of your future professors in that subject. Does the sample lesson get you excited? If so, this could be the right major for you. 

View a full list of all the majors you can sample >>>

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Wrapping things up: Passport and Survey

2:30-3p.m. | Before you head back home, there are two last things to do at Destination: BMCC.

  • Turn in your event passport. Throughout the day, you will earn stamps in your printed agenda. Bring it to the “Frequent Flyer Club” to get an upgraded prize. In the summer, we gave out metal water bottles. What will it be this time?! 
  • Tell us how we did. Submit your event feedback survey to get a second prize!

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12 thoughts on “Something for Everyone at Destination: BMCC

  1. Amy says:

    This is really helpful information!
    It’s good to get a preview of what to expect at Destination BMCC. Looking forward…and thanks for sharing!

  2. Jean Joseph says:

    Do you have another day?

  3. Selene Hidalgo says:

    Do you have another day for people that work we need a week day.

  4. Leonedys Torres says:

    Estoy tratando de registrarme pero es uno se cómo ni donde


    Can I bring my son with me because I don’t have childcare on weekends?

  6. Michael says:

    Do I just show up or do I sign up to go for the tour

  7. Sarah says:

    Is there an itinerary for specifically for the BMCC Destination event of Oct 26th ? I have work that day but I’m hoping to at least make the information session on Nursing if possible. Thank you in advance for you time and help with this.

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