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6 Reasons “Destination: BMCC” Should Make Your Weekend List

Welcome to BMCC! On Saturday, October 24, 2020, we are metaphorically throwing the doors of Borough of Manhattan Community College wide open during “Destination: BMCC,” our fall open house.

While our campus facilities remain closed for the safety of us all, we are excited to engage with you online to answer your questions about college.

Here are 6 reasons we deserve a spot on your weekend schedule…

1. Log some valuable facetime with college staff

A black man balances a pumpkin bucket on his head. Two female friends and smiling and pose on each side of him with arms open wide

Who the heck are these so-called “Admissions Representatives?”  Are they even real? We know that face-to-face customer service is hard to find right now! At BMCC, we don’t want it to be.

One of BMCC’s biggest strengths — now more than ever —  is our amazing students, faculty, and staff. During this event, chat with us face-to-face and get to know the people who will guide you, teach you, and encourage you to succeed through college and beyond. 

2. Try before you buy: Majors edition

Students sit at desks in a circle. One young woman stands in middle to introduce herself

You wouldn’t buy a car without driving it first. So don’t pay for an education before you know it’s going to be great.

Sitting in on a class is one of the best ways to find out if a school is really a good fit for you. Professors will host mini-lessons to give you taste for the kinds of subjects you’ll dive into as part of your major. There are more than 20 topics to choose from, so you are sure to find a few that interest you!

3.Get answers about college during COVID

Will classes be online or in-person? What is the school doing to keep me safe? When can I come use the library? How can I get a computer to attend classes remotely?

We’re dedicating time during our open house to talk about the concerns you have about going to school during a pandemic. The questions are big, and we are eager to share hoe BMCC is doing all we can to give you a safe and streamlined experience.

4. We’ll tell you how to come to school here for FREE (or nearly free)

Stacks of cash bills topped with a graduate hat
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Most students cover their entire tuition cost (roughly $4,800 each year) and a large portion of fees and supplies with federal and state financial aid and local scholarships. Experts from the Financial Aid Office will be available all day long to coach you through applying for this big pot of money.

5. Get insider knowledge of our Admissions process

Student and her mother ask questions at an information booth

How do you apply to this awesome school? What info will the application ask for? How does BMCC screen students? Meet with an Admissions Specialist to review our application process and get your questions about college readiness answered.

6. Speed-dating with student success programs

Tiered lecture hall full of students

We don’t expect anyone to go-it-alone in college. BMCC is bursting with ways you can find friends, allies, tutors and mentors to make the path to graduation smoother. 

Spend 30 minutes “speed dating” some of our most popular Student Success Programs that can offer you tuition assistance, specialized academic advising, career coaching, exclusive classes and more. 


What are you waiting for?!
Register for Destination: BMCC right now before our virtual seats fill up.

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